Our content creation:

At Team Pride Worldwide, we are a small business looking to do the right thing in big ways. 

Every member of our team is compensated for the content they create. Additionally, we utilize a ladder to review content prior to publishing. This allows us to ensure that we are providing information that is as accurate as possible. 

If at any point we publish something inaccurate or harmful, we will maintain a policy of complete transparency and address any mistakes thoughtfully. This transparency and willingness to grow with our community is how we will continue to provide safe and inclusive content. 

How we print:

At Team Pride Worldwide we provide a growing collection of LGBTQ+ affirming designs. 

At this point in the production of our designs on apparel, we utilize dropshipping. Every purchase made, even on the internet, has a footprint. By utilizing dropshipping, we limit the impact of our own footprint. 

Around 85% of all textiles produced by the fashion industry ends up in landfills which makes it a major contributor to environmental change. Around one in every five garments reaches a landfill without being worn even once. 

By harnessing print-on-demand, we create less fabric and waste while still being able to supply unique and affirming prints. 

To learn more about Printful, our dropshipper of choice, check out their own thoughts on sustainability here

What we print on: 

At Team Pride Worldwide we believe that there is more to ethical fashion than just the means of production. 

That is why we exclusively use fabrics created by industry leaders in ethical production

BELLA+CANVAS is our go-to for fabrics. Having received a Platinum Level certification from the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production and with a staunch anti-sweatshop policy, they are redefining the fashion industry. 

On top of their fair trade standards, BELLA+CANVAS is committed to preventing waste through recycling, utilizing clean energy, and not cutting corners in their manufacturing process

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Have an idea for a resource we could develop to help our community and allies? 

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